About Us

How we started…It all started with a young boy and girl wanting a puppy more than anything else and a mother who did research to discover the perfect breed for her family. In 1995 the first papillon entered our family circle. Seven years later that girl grew up and bought her own dog with the desire to try her hand at showing her very own special little dog.

In 2001 I bought my first papillon, Marron’s Ticket to Ryde aka Ryder who was and is the foundation of my kennel he is still my very special boy even thou he is retired now from showing and breeding do to an injury incurred during an accident beyond our control. Now he still runs and plays and has a happy life being the boss of the whole household full of girls. From Ryder I became much more involved in the dog world becoming much more competitive in showing and started importing bloodlines from overseas to create a healthier beautiful well structured papillon.

Here at Paradisewing our main concern is the health and vitality of the breed we are very careful and selective in our breeding program doing all the appropriate testing to insure a healthy well balanced toy breed. We have very few litters a year and all our breeding is done with the goal to produce a greater show dog with better, stronger conformation. We always welcome visitors who are interested in meeting the family and we are always willing to answer any inquiries that you may have so drop us a line.

Thanks for your interest and best wishes

Jennifer Raymaakers

p.s. Check out our sister kennel Simarron Kennels www.simarron.com
owned and loved by my father Leo Raymaakers