Past Gallery

Water's Fine

Afternoon Dip

Afternoon Stroll

Alone at last


Best Way to Hike

Better Than Walking

Bobbing for Stones

CH Diamond

Cranbrook Dog Show

Downhill is Better

Dressed for the Cold

Dryer Sheet Anyone


Got Him

I Hate Swimming

I'm so Beat

Just a Little Swim

Let Me Rest

Lili in Germany

Look at Me Jump

Making Waves

Me and My Uncle

My Toys

Onyx's Sisters

Pirate's Treasure

Prince & Ryder

Prince in the Snow

Prince on Hike


Relaxing With My Family

Ryder At the Farm


Showing My Stuff

Sitting in the Sun

Sitting on the Dock

Sleepy Time

Smell the Flowers

Snow Dog

Standing Tall

Thunder and Jenn

To Deep for Me

Unwrap Me First


Your Bet


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